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Kristin Kunes


Kristin Kunes is a Limited License Clinical Masters Social Worker. Kristin has a background in public policy and Infant Mental Health and applies both to her therapeutic work with children and caregivers. Kristin has a deep understanding of the structural systems that can both support and disenfranchise families, particularly those that are most vulnerable. Kristin believes in creating a space of safety and curiosity that is attachment-based (how we seek and respond to others) and trauma-informed. She helps caregivers understand their own internal experiences (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) as a pathway towards identifying how those experiences might be impacting caregiving and/or everyday life. Using play therapy techniques, Kristin helps children work through challenges from developmental stressors (normal growing experiences of childhood) to complex trauma. This dual focus on the caregiver-child relationship can deepen the attachment relationship and support families as they navigate challenges together. Sessions incorporate child-directed play, developmental guidance, psychotherapy, and emotional support. Kristin also has experience supporting foster families, adoptive families, and those that are working towards reunification.

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