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Early Childhood Mental Health Services (4-7 years)

Early Childhood mental health refers to a child's growing capacity to express and regulate emotions, play, learn and develop trusting relationships. ECI specializes in working with young children and families to promote early childhood mental health through the combined use of talk therapy, play therapy, parent-child relational therapy as well as  parental support and guidance.  ECI uses principles from developmental psychology and Infant Mental Health to guide therapeutic interventions and promote skills that are foundational to future positive outcomes including resilience, healthy brain development and relationships.   Families seeking support from ECI can expect to gain support in a variety of ways including improving family relationships, gaining coping skills, as well as behavioral management and emotion regulation techniques etc. Services include the following:

  • Mental, emotional and/or behavioral concerns

  • Parent-child relational therapy

  • Play therapy

  • Families needing support with big life changes (i.e. traumatic life events, divorce, grief, loss, adoption, moves etc.)

  • Parent coaching

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