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Infant Mental Health Informed Services (Birth to 3 years)

At ECI we know that mental health truly starts during pregnancy and at birth which is why our unique program employs a dyadic approach keeping the mother-child relationship at the center of treatment. Infant Mental Health is a field devoted to promoting social emotional development and the prevention of mental health problems for children ages birth to 3 years.  ECI uses Infant Mental Health principles by promoting mental health and well-being for parents so they can provide the kind of responsive caregiving that will support their infant/young child's development. The science is clear: sensitive and consistent early relationships serve as one of the best predictors for positive outcomes in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Individuals seeking support from ECI can expect to gain parental support in a variety of ways which will grow their relationship with their young child, support achievement of developmental milestones as well as exploring the parent's childhood experience and how it influences their own parenting. Services include the following:

  • Early Bonding and attachment concerns

  • Developmental screenings/ assessments

  • Developmental guidance

  • Therapy for parents of young children with prior history of unresolved grief, loss, separations and/or trauma

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